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Types of luminaire

Types of luminaire

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n. luminaire

Definition of luminaire in English

Apparatus that is used to illuminate, which is composed of an artificial light source and a support.

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n. lamp

Definition of lamp in English

Utensil that is designed to contain and maintain an artificial light source.

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n. table lamp

Definition of table lamp in English

Small lamp that is designed to be place on a piece of furniture.

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n. floor lamp

Definition of floor lamp in English

Lamp with a tall, elongated support, which is designed to be placed on the ground.

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n. chandelier

Definition of chandelier in English

Lamp that is typically composed of several radial branches and numerous refractive parts, which is hung from the ceiling in elegant settings.

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n. wall lamp

Definition of wall lamp in English

Lamp that is fixed to a wall or other vertical surface.

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n. reading lamp

Definition of reading lamp in English

Table lamp that has an adjustable arm and a fixed base.

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n. spotlight

Definition of spotlight in English

Strong, electric lamp that provides intense and focused light, common in showbusiness.

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n. flush ceiling light

Definition of flush ceiling light in English

Flat lamp that is mounted on a ceiling.