Cookies Policy

WordList Visual Learning, S.L. (hereinafter, “WordList Visual Learning”), established in C/ Santiago Rusiñol, 13, 28040 Madrid, Spain, with Tax Identification No. B-86792462, informs you hereunder of the Cookies Policy which regulates the use of cookies. By continuing to browse the website it is understood that the USER agrees to the use of cookies and to this Cookies Policy.

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small files which contain certain website regarding the browsing by the USER through the website. Cookies are sent to the USER ́s browser and stored in your computer hard drive. We may use cookies to tell us, for example, whether you have visited us before or if you are a new visitor, and to help us identify site features in which you may have the greatest interest. Cookies may enhance your online experience by saving your preferences while you are visiting a particular site. Las cookies son pequeños archivos que contienen una determinada información sobre la navegación del USUARIO a través de la página web. Las cookies se envían al navegador del USUARIO y se almacenan en su equipo.

2. Purpose of the cookies

Cookies are used in order to pick up information regarding a USER ́s browsing in order to find out though its analysis how the USER interacts with the website and thus optimise the experience in your browser, in no case are said cookies associated to concrete personal data of the USER nor is the USER identified through the cookies.

3. Types of cookies

Depending on the owner of the cookie:

- First-party cookies: those cookies which are sent to the USER ́s computer set by site domain listed in the address bar.

- Third-party cookies: those cookies which are sent to the USER ́s computer from a computer system or domain which is not managed by the editor, but by an entity who processes the data obtained through said cookies< Depending on the duration of the cookie:

- Session cookies: A type of cookies designed to track and store data while the USER accesses a website. Once your web browser closes session cookies are eliminated and no longer stores.

- Persistent cookies: A type of cookies which are stored in the USER ́s hardware for a period of time which is defined by the owner of the cookie (might be a few minutes or a couple of years). Depending on the purpose of the cookies:

- Technical cookies or cookies for internal use: Those cookies which are used for the correct functioning of the website (such as, for instance, the session identifier which identifies the petition made between the USER ́s computer and the server who returns the requested information).

- Personalization cookies: Those cookies which allow the USER to access the service with certain general characteristics predefined in the USER ́s computer in light of certain criteria such as, for instance, language, the browser used to access the service, the regional configuration from where the USER is accessing the service, etc.

- Analytical cookies: Those cookies which are used to follow-up and analyze how the website is used by the USERs (most viewed sections, for instance). The compiled information is anonymous and allows optimization of the browsing through our website and guarantying a better service to the USER

- Advertising cookies (and behavioural advertising cookies): those cookies which enable management, as more effective as possible, of the advertising spaces which exist on the website. These cookies help increase the efficiency of advertising. Without these cookies it is more difficult for an advertiser to reach his/her audience or to know how many advertisements have been shown or how many clicks have those advertisements received.

4. Cookies used in our web

> pll_language 12 months. Remembers the Language chosen for browsing.

> jetpack_sso_orig
inal_request wordpress 1 h. Remembers the URL address of the original login request.

> jetpack_sso_nonce
wordpress 10 min. Used for the nonce verification. A nonce is a "number used once" and helps protecting URL against unduly and malicious uses

> wordpress_test_cookie wordpress
Once session is closed. Used so that the content manager WordPress may verify if the browser has the cookies enabled.

> _ga
Google Analytics 2 years. Used to do a recount of how many times the USER visits the website. It also registers when was the first and last time the USER visited the web.

> _gat
Google Analytics 30 minutes. This cookie is used to know how long the USER has been browsing. It registers the time of arrival to the website.

> _gid
Google Analytics 1 day. It is used to distinguish USERS.

Google Analytics 30 seconds to 1 year. Includes a token which might be used in order to recover a client's ID from the client's ́ID service of AMP.

> _gac_
Google Analytics 90 days. Includes information of advertising regarding the USER. If you have linked your Google Analytics and AdWords accounts, the website's converting labels will read this cookie.

> gdpr
Wordpress (plugin). 1 year It registers the acceptation of the cookie policy

This list will be updated as the services offered in the website and the cookies therefore used change. However, occasionally and during an update, it might be that a cookie is not mentioned anymore on the list, although the list will always mention cookies with identical purposes to those identified in the list. Last update: 20/07/2018

4. Disabling cookies

The USER may stop cookies from being downloaded on your computer by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser. Although that might entail a less satisfying which might even be deficient. For further information regarding the disabling of cookies please go to the guidelines for disabling the cookies of any of the four browsers which are more commonly used (Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari):