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Standard Buildings II

Standard Buildings II
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noun town hall

Translation: ayuntamiento

Definition of town hall in English

Headquarters of a local government.

Definition of town hall in Spanish

Sede de un gobierno local.

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noun mint

Translation: casa de la moneda

Definition of mint in English

Establishment in which currency in the form of coins is produced under government authority.

Definition of mint in Spanish

Centro gubernamental en el que se fabrican las monedas.

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noun fire station

Translation: estación de bomberos

Definition of fire station in English

Complex in which firefighters perform their work activity when not occupied with an emergency.

Definition of fire station in Spanish

Complejo en el que los bomberos desarrollan su actividad laboral mientras no están ocupados con una emergencia.

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noun police station

Translation: comisaría

Definition of police station in English

Building in which the police officers of a district perform their functions.

Definition of police station in Spanish

Edificio en el que el cuerpo de policía de un distrito lleva a cabo sus funciones.

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noun courthouse

Translation: palacio de justicia

Definition of courthouse in English

Building that houses several courtrooms.

Definition of courthouse in Spanish

Edificio que alberga varios juzgados.

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noun courtroom

Translation: juzgado

Definition of courtroom in English

Room in which a court of law meets and dictates sentences.

Definition of courtroom in Spanish

Sala donde un tribunal se reúne y dicta sentencia.

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noun parliament

Translation: parlamento

Definition of parliament in English

Building that serves as the headquarters of a legislative body in some governments, typically in current or former monarchies.

Definition of parliament in Spanish

Edificio que sirve de sede a la asamblea legislativa.

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noun pound

Translation: perrera

Definition of pound in English

Enclosure where lost dogs or strays are kept and looked after until they are adopted or euthanised.

Definition of pound in Spanish

Recinto en el que se custodian y cuidan perros perdidos y callejeros hasta que son adoptados o sacrificados.