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Reptiles II

Reptiles II

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n. lizard

Definition of lizard in English

Terrestrial reptile, carnivorous or omnivorous, that has four legs and a tail, native to warm regions.

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n. wall lizard

Definition of wall lizard in English

Carnivorous reptile with four legs, small and agile, that is green or brown in colour and easily scared.

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n. gecko

Definition of gecko in English

Lizard, between 1 and 40 cm (0.5-15 in) in length, that has large fingers with adhesive pads for climbing, native to warm areas and generally insectivorous.

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n. thorny dragon

Definition of thorny dragon in English

Insectivorous lizard, approximately 20 cm (8 in) in length, that is covered in spikes and capable of changing color to camouflage, native to the deserts of Australia.

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n. frilled-necked lizard

Definition of frilled-necked lizard in English

Carnivorous lizard, up to 90 cm (2 ft 11 in) in length, that has an erectile collar with cartilaginous spines, native to southern New Guinea and northern and western Australia.

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n. basilisk

Definition of basilisk in English

Omnivorous lizard of small size that has green scales and two to four dorsal ridges, with the ability to run on water, endemic to Central and South America.

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n. iguana

Definition of iguana in English

Arboreal lizard that has a chin flap, a parietal eye, and a spiny dorsal crest, herbivorous and native to Central and South America.

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n. chameleon

Definition of chameleon in English

Insectivorous lizard of small size that is known for its ability to change color, with a prehensile tail and eyes that move independently.

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n. snake

Definition of snake in English

Legless, carnivorous reptile that has an elongated body, a forked tongue, and typically lives in warm climates.