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Occult I

Artes ocultas I

Artes ocultas I
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n. magic

Translation: magia

Definition of magic in English

Art of using supernatural forces to produce a desired effect.

Definition of magic in Spanish

Arte de utilizar fuerzas sobrenaturales para producir cualquier efecto deseado.

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n. black magic

Translation: magia negra

Definition of black magic in English

Set of magical practices that are used to invoke evil spirits for malevolent purposes.

Definition of black magic in Spanish

Magia utilizada para causar daño, especialmente la que deriva de un pacto con una entidad maligna.

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n. illusion

Translation: magia

Definition of illusion in English

Art of performing tricks whose effects seem contrary to natural laws.

Definition of illusion in Spanish

Arte de hacer trucos cuyos efectos parecen contrarios a las leyes naturales.

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n. prestidigitation

Translation: prestidigitación

Definition of prestidigitation in English

Art of performing magic tricks that involve skillful use of the hands.

Definition of prestidigitation in Spanish

Arte de realizar trucos de magia que implican juegos de manos.

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n. tarot

Translation: tarotismo

Definition of tarot in English

Art of interpreting playing cards in divination.

Definition of tarot in Spanish

Arte de interpretar los naipes para averiguar sucesos pasados, presentes o futuros.

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n. chiromancy

Translation: quiromancia

Definition of chiromancy in English

Art of studying the palms to guess the owner´s destiny or discern other personal information.

Definition of chiromancy in Spanish

Arte de leer las manos para adivinar el destino de su dueño u otra información personal.

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n. clairvoyance

Translation: videncia

Definition of clairvoyance in English

Abnormal ability to see the past or future, as well as extrasensory perception.

Definition of clairvoyance in Spanish

Percepción extrasensorial que permite conocer sucesos pasados y futuros.

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n. superpower

Translation: superpoder

Definition of superpower in English

Supernatural ability.

Definition of superpower in Spanish

Habilidad sobrenatural.

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n. telepathy

Translation: telepatía

Definition of telepathy in English

Paranormal ability to guess the thoughts of others or to communicate using the mind alone.

Definition of telepathy in Spanish

Capacidad paranormal de adivinar los pensamientos ajenos o de comunicarse mentalmente.

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n. telekinesis

Translation: telequinesis

Definition of telekinesis in English

Abnormal ability to move object with the mind alone.

Definition of telekinesis in Spanish

Capacidad paranormal de mover objetos con la mente.

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n. pyrokinesis

Translation: piroquinesis

Definition of pyrokinesis in English

Abnormal ability to produce or control fire using the mind alone.

Definition of pyrokinesis in Spanish

Capacidad paranormal de producir o controlar el fuego con la mente.