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Man-made Settings

Man-made Settings

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n. breakwater

Definition of breakwater in English

Wall that is built into the sea to protect a coast or port from the waves.

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n. dam

Definition of dam in English

Wall that is built in a river to store water or regulate the flow.

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n. lock

Definition of lock in English

Enclosure with gates at each end that is built in canals in which vessels travel and is used to raise or lower them between stretches of water on different levels.

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n. pond

Definition of pond in English

Natural or man-made pool of water, smaller than a reservoir, which typically has practical or ornamental purposes.

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n. reservoir

Definition of reservoir in English

Natural or man-made basin of water, located along the course of a river, used for practical means.

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n. canal

Definition of canal in English

Artificial waterway built for navigation, water transport or irrigation.

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n. irrigation ditch

Definition of irrigation ditch in English

Small canal or trench built to supply water to an area of dry land.

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n. terrace

Definition of terrace in English

Flat, stepped platform built into a sloped landscape for agricultural purposes.

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n. trench

Definition of trench in English

Long, narrow cavity built in the ground for engineering purposes.

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n. embankment

Definition of embankment in English

Raised artificial structure built of stone and soil for various engineering purposes.