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Home Furniture I

Home Furniture I
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noun bureau

Translation: cómoda

Definition of bureau in English

Low and wide cabinet of drawers, which is typically used to store clothing.

Definition of bureau in Spanish

Cajonera baja y ancha, generalmente para guardar ropa.

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noun chiffonier

Translation: chifonier

Definition of chiffonier in English

Tall and narrow chest of drawers.

Definition of chiffonier in Spanish

Cajonera alta y estrecha.

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noun chest of drawers

Translation: cajonera

Definition of chest of drawers in English

Piece of furniture that consists only of drawers.

Definition of chest of drawers in Spanish

Mueble que consta únicamente de cajones.

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noun drawer

Translation: cajón

Definition of drawer in English

Container that is manually drawn out or inserted into a cabinet with a sliding, horizontal motion.

Definition of drawer in Spanish

Compartimento de almacenaje situado dentro un mueble, que se saca y se mete deslizándolo.

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noun sideboard

Translation: aparador

Definition of sideboard in English

Low and elongated cabinet for dining utensils, which is comprised of doors, shelves, and drawers.

Definition of sideboard in Spanish

Mueble bajo y ancho, con puertas o cajones, en el que generalmente se guardan los utensilios del servicio de la mesa.

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noun cupboard

Translation: alacena

Definition of cupboard in English

Cabinet for kitchen utensils, which is typically comprised of a showcase on top of a closed storage unit.

Definition of cupboard in Spanish

Mueble de almacenaje de utensilios de cocina, generalmente con armarios en su parte inferior y vitrinas o estantes en su parte superior.

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noun vitrine

Translation: vitrina

Definition of vitrine in English

Cabinet with one or more transparent walls for the exhibition of its contents.

Definition of vitrine in Spanish

Mueble de almacenaje acristalado, diseñado para exponer su contenido.

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noun cabinet

Translation: armario

Definition of cabinet in English

Piece of furniture that is used for storage, which consists of doors, shelves, or drawers.

Definition of cabinet in Spanish

Mueble de almacenaje con puertas, baldas y cajones.

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noun wardrobe

Translation: armario

Definition of wardrobe in English

Tall, wide cabinet that is used to store clothing.

Definition of wardrobe in Spanish

Armario alto y ancho utilizado para guardar ropa.

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noun closet

Translation: armario empotrado

Definition of closet in English

Cabinet that is incorporated into the wall of a room.

Definition of closet in Spanish

Armario construido aprovechando un hueco entre muros.