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noun explosive

Translation: explosivo

Definition of explosive in English

Substance or device that can produce an explosion.

Definition of explosive in Spanish

Sustancia o artefacto que puede producir una explosión.

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noun bomb

Translation: bomba

Definition of bomb in English

Explosive weapon designed to discharge on impact or through a detonator.

Definition of bomb in Spanish

Arma explosiva diseñada para detonar por impacto o mediante un dispositivo.

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noun time bomb

Translation: bomba de relojería

Definition of time bomb in English

Explosive weapon that is detonated by a timer.

Definition of time bomb in Spanish

Explosivo que se detona mediante un temporizador.

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noun dynamite

Translation: dinamita

Definition of dynamite in English

Explosive consisting of nitroglycerine soaked in an absobent material such as sawdust.

Definition of dynamite in Spanish

Explosivo fabricado con nitroglicerina empapada en un material absorbente, como el serrín.

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noun plastic explosive

Translation: explosivo plástico

Definition of plastic explosive in English

Malleable explosive material used as a substitute for dynamite in demolition.

Definition of plastic explosive in Spanish

Explosivo que se caracteriza por ser maleable, más estable que la dinamita, que suele utilizarse como sustituto de esta en construcción, minería y armamento.

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noun mine

Translation: mina

Definition of mine in English

Explosive weapon that is camouflaged or hidden in order to detonate unexpectedly upon contact.

Definition of mine in Spanish

Arma explosiva que se camufla para que detone de forma imprevista al recibir una fuerza.

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noun grenade

Translation: granada

Definition of grenade in English

Explosive projectile weapon equipped with a mechanism which, when pulled, triggers detonation.

Definition of grenade in Spanish

Arma explosiva arrojadiza provista de un dispositivo que, al retirarlo, activa la detonación.

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noun Molotov cocktail

Translation: cóctel molotov

Definition of Molotov cocktail in English

Homemade incendiary weapon consisting of a bottle filled with a piece of fabric soaked in a flammable subtance which is ignited using a match and thrown before detonation.

Definition of Molotov cocktail in Spanish

Arma incendiaria de fabricación casera hecha con una botella de vidrio llena de una sustancia inflamable, que se prende con una mecha y se lanza para detonarla.

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noun tear gas

Translation: gas lacrimógeno

Definition of tear gas in English

Gaseous chemical weapon that causes irritation in both the eyes and skin as well as respiratory problems.

Definition of tear gas in Spanish

Arma química en forma gaseosa que provoca irritación en los ojos y en la piel, así como problemas respiratorios.

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noun napalm

Translation: napalm

Definition of napalm in English

Combustible gelatinous substance used in the manufacturing of weapons and inendiary bombs.

Definition of napalm in Spanish

Sustancia combustible de textura gelatinosa que se utiliza en la fabricación de armas y bombas incendiarias.

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noun trinitrotoluene

Translation: trinitrotolueno

Definition of trinitrotoluene in English

Explosive crystalline chemical compound used in military-grade weapons.

Definition of trinitrotoluene in Spanish

Compuesto químico cristalino y amarillento que posee propiedades explosivas.

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noun gunpowder

Translation: pólvora

Definition of gunpowder in English

Flammable substance made up of carbon, sulphur and potassium nitrate that is used as a propellant in firearms and fireworks.

Definition of gunpowder in Spanish

Sustancia inflamable compuesta de carbón, azufre y nitrato de potasio que se utiliza como propulsor de armas de fuego y dispositivos pirotécnicos.