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Elements of the Home

Elements of the Home

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n. mailbox

Definition of mailbox in English

Container with a slot to receive incoming correspondence and a door for retrieval.

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n. trash can

Definition of trash can in English

Container in which to dispose of unusable or unwanted materials.

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n. doormat

Definition of doormat in English

Thick and resistant mat designed to clean the soles of shoes before entering a home.

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n. key holder

Definition of key holder in English

Support on which to hang keys, typically placed on the wall near a home entryway.

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n. coat rack

Definition of coat rack in English

Piece of furniture with several hooks designed to hang outerware.

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n. umbrella stand

Definition of umbrella stand in English

Container designed to hold umbrellas.

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n. wastebasket

Definition of wastebasket in English

Small container in which to dispose of useless paper and other waste.

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n. ironing board

Definition of ironing board in English

Long, narrow table on foldable legs with a heat-resistant surface, used to iron clothes on.