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Decorative Elements I

Decorative Elements I

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n. painting

Definition of painting in English

Pictorial art work of paint rendered on a frameable surface.

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n. mirror

Definition of mirror in English

Sheet of polished glass with a metallic backing, which reflects its frontal surroundings.

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n. mask

Definition of mask in English

Object that is designed to cover the face.

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n. cuckoo clock

Definition of cuckoo clock in English

Wall clock that is shaped like a house, equipped with a mechanical bird which emerges from a window and sounds on the hour.

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n. grandfather clock

Definition of grandfather clock in English

Tall pendulum clock that stands on the floor.

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n. magazine rack

Definition of magazine rack in English

Small piece of furniture that is designed to temporarily store and facilitate access to periodical publications.

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n. souvenir

Definition of souvenir in English

Object that evokes in the owner the memory of its origin.

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n. windchime

Definition of windchime in English

Hanging object consisting of various parts that produce a soft sound when they collide, typically due to the wind, which is suspended outside or near doors and windows.

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n. plant

Definition of plant in English

Living organism that carries out photosynthesis and typically has a stem, roots, and leaves, or similar structures.