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n. bed

Definition of bed in English

Piece of furniture that is designed for sleep or rest, consisting of a frame, a base, and a mattress.

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n. bedside table

Definition of bedside table in English

Small piece of furniture that is placed next to a bed and typically has drawers.

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n. alarm

Definition of alarm in English

Clock that is programmed to emit a noise at a certain time in order to awaken a sleeping person or as a reminder.

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n. bureau

Definition of bureau in English

Low and wide cabinet of drawers, which is typically used to store clothing.

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n. cabinet

Definition of cabinet in English

Piece of furniture that is used for storage, which consists of doors, shelves, or drawers.

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n. desk

Definition of desk in English

Table designed as a work surface on which to write.

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n. coat stand

Definition of coat stand in English

Piece of furniture with several hooks designed to hang outerware.