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Adventure and Mountaineering People

Adventure and Mountaineering People

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n. adventurer

Definition of adventurer in English

Person who goes on quests, takes risks, and finds pleasure in living exciting experiences and discovering new places, things and people.

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n. backpacker

Definition of backpacker in English

Person who travels carrying only a rucksack as luggage.

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n. camper

Definition of camper in English

Person who spends one or several nights outdoors sleeping in a tent.

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n. hiker

Definition of hiker in English

Person who goes on walks in the countryside, particularly along a set trail.

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n. day tripper

Definition of day tripper in English

Person who spends a day or part of it in a nearby place, such as in nature or another town, as a leisure activity.

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n. scout

Definition of scout in English

Young person who blongs to a group where they learn wilderness survival skills and teamwork strategies through immersion in nature.

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n. mountaineer

Definition of mountaineer in English

Person who goes on walks in the mountains and knows how to navigate without following a set trail.

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n. mountain climber

Definition of mountain climber in English

Person who ascends mountains of either high altitude or difficult terrain.

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n. Sherpa

Definition of Sherpa in English

Member of a Himilayan ethnic community who is an expert in the region and in mountain climbing and acts as a guide to tourists by helping them ascend peaks and carrying their equipment.

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n. rock climber

Definition of rock climber in English

Person who ascends rock faces by utilizing leverage points, usually with specialist equipment.