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Adjectives for Clothing

Adjectives for Clothing
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adjective unique

Translation: único

Definition of unique in English

Standing out from a group for having a characteristic or performing a specific action that others do not have or perform.

Definition of unique in Spanish

Que destaca de un grupo por tener una característica o realizar una acción específicas que los demás no tienen o realizan.

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adjective extraordinary

Translation: extraordinario

Definition of extraordinary in English

Beyond what is typical.

Definition of extraordinary in Spanish

Fuera de lo normal.

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adjective special

Translation: especial

Definition of special in English

Possessing characteristics that differentiate it from something or someone and make it stand out.

Definition of special in Spanish

Que posee unas características que lo diferencian de los demás y hacen que destaque.

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adjective normal

Translation: normal

Definition of normal in English

Adhering to standard shapes, types, or conducts.

Definition of normal in Spanish

Que cumple con el estándar de conducta, forma o tipo.

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adjective strange

Translation: raro

Definition of strange in English

Deviating from standard shapes, types, or conducts.

Definition of strange in Spanish

Que no cumple con el estándar de conducta, forma o tipo.

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adjective favorite

Translation: favorito

Definition of favorite in English

Being the most preferred of a group of similar things.

Definition of favorite in Spanish

Que es el más apreciado de un grupo de unidades similares.

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adjective cool

Translation: guay

Definition of cool in English

Being liked and inspiring admiration and approval.

Definition of cool in Spanish

Que gusta y genera admiración y aprobación.