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(N) Respiratory System Parts II

(N) Respiratory System Parts II

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n. larynx

Definition of larynx in English

Group of fibrocartilaginous and muscular structures of conical shape, located between the trachea and the pharynx, whose main functions are to protect the lower respiratory tract and produce vocal tones.

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n. epiglottis

Definition of epiglottis in English

Cartilaginous structure that blocks the entrance to the trachea during swallowing, preventing the bolus from passing into it.

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n. trachea

Definition of trachea in English

Fibrocartilaginous duct of the respiratory system that joins the larynx and the main bronchi, which funnels air during respiration.

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n. carina

Definition of carina in English

Ridge in the shape of a crest, located at the base of the trachea, which separates the right and left openings of the main bronchi.

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n. bronchus

Definition of bronchus in English

Fibrocartilaginous duct that branches from the trachea, which conducts inhaled air to the bronchioles and alveoli within the lung.

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n. bronchiole

Definition of bronchiole in English

Small airway that branches from the bronchus, located in the middle part of the lung, whose function is to direct air to the alveoli.

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n. alveolus

Definition of alveolus in English

Small, saclike cavity, located at the end of the terminal bronchioles, in which gas is exchanged between the air and the blood.