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(N) Physical Conditions

(N) Physical Conditions
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noun blindness

Translation: ceguera

Definition of blindness in English

Total or partial vision loss.

Definition of blindness in Spanish

Carencia total o parcial del sentido de la vista.

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noun lameness

Translation: cojera

Definition of lameness in English

Reduced mobility of the legs or total or partial lack of a leg.

Definition of lameness in Spanish

Movilidad reducida en las extremidades inferiores o carencia de una pierna o parte de ella.

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noun hemiplegia

Translation: hemiplejia

Definition of hemiplegia in English

Paralysis of one side of the body.

Definition of hemiplegia in Spanish

Parálisis de un lado del cuerpo.

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noun tetraplegia

Translation: tetraplejia

Definition of tetraplegia in English

Paralysis from the neck down.

Definition of tetraplegia in Spanish

Parálisis del cuello para abajo.

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noun hump

Translation: joroba

Definition of hump in English

Rounded protuberance on the upper back caused by a convex curvature of the spine.

Definition of hump in Spanish

Protuberancia redondeada en la parte superior de la espalda provocada por una curvatura convexa de la columna vertebral.

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noun deafness

Translation: sordera

Definition of deafness in English

Partial or total lack of the sense of hearing.

Definition of deafness in Spanish

Carencia total o parcial del sentido del oído.

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noun paraplegia

Translation: paraplejia

Definition of paraplegia in English

Paralysis of both legs.

Definition of paraplegia in Spanish

Parálisis de las dos piernas.

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noun muteness

Translation: mudez

Definition of muteness in English

Inability to speak.

Definition of muteness in Spanish

Carencia de la capacidad de hablar.

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noun stump

Translation: muñón

Definition of stump in English

Remnant of an amputated limb that remains attached to the body.

Definition of stump in Spanish

Parte de un miembro amputado que queda en el cuerpo.

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noun deaf-muteness

Translation: sordomudez

Definition of deaf-muteness in English

Inability to hear and speak.

Definition of deaf-muteness in Spanish

Carencia simultánea de la capacidad de hablar y del sentido del oído.