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(N) Basic Concepts

(N) Conceptos básicos

(N) Conceptos básicos
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n. body

Translation: cuerpo

Definition of body in English

Set of organs and tissues that comprise the physical structure of living beings.

Definition of body in Spanish

Conjunto de órganos y tejidos que componen la estructura física de los seres vivos.

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n. limb

Translation: extremidad

Definition of limb in English

Part of the body that is joined to the trunk and is highly mobile, such as the arm or the leg.

Definition of limb in Spanish

Parte del cuerpo articulada con el tronco que presenta gran movilidad, especialmente cada brazo y pierna.

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n. bone

Translation: hueso

Definition of bone in English

Hard, resistant organ composed of mineral salts and organic material, which makes up the skeleton of vertebrates.

Definition of bone in Spanish

Órgano duro y resistente compuesto por sales minerales y materia orgánica que conforma el esqueleto de los vertebrados.

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n. cartilage

Translation: cartílago

Definition of cartilage in English

Resistant and flexible connective tissue whose main function is to coat the articular ends of the bones to allow their movement, and which also forms structures such as the larynx and nose.

Definition of cartilage in Spanish

Tejido conjuntivo resistente y flexible cuya función principal es revestir los extremos articulares de los huesos para permitir su desplazamiento, así como conformar estructuras como la laringe o la nariz.

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n. ligament

Translation: ligamento

Definition of ligament in English

Fibrous connective tissue that is resistant, elastic, and resembles a cord, whose main functions are to join the different bones that make up a joint and to stabilize articular movement.

Definition of ligament in Spanish

Tejido conjuntivo fibroso, resistente y elástico, generalmente en forma de cordón, cuya función es unir los distintos huesos que conforman una articulación y aportar estabilidad en su movimiento.

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n. tendon

Translation: tendón

Definition of tendon in English

Cord of fibrous, tough connective tissue located at the ends of a muscle, which attaches the muscle to bone or other anatomical structures.

Definition of tendon in Spanish

Cordón de tejido conjuntivo fibroso y muy resistente localizado en los extremos de un músculo, cuya función es fijarlo al hueso u otras estructuras anatómicas.

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n. muscle

Translation: músculo

Definition of muscle in English

Organ made of contractile fibers, whose primary function is the movement of bodily structures.

Definition of muscle in Spanish

Órgano compuesto de fibras contráctiles cuya función principal es el movimiento de estructuras corporales.

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n. organ

Translation: órgano

Definition of organ in English

Group of diverse tissues belonging to a living being which makes up an anatomical unit that carries out specific functions.

Definition of organ in Spanish

Agrupación de diversos tejidos pertenecientes a un ser vivo pluricelular que forman una unidad anatómica y funcional propia.

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n. viscera

Translation: víscera

Definition of viscera in English

Organ located inside a body cavity.

Definition of viscera in Spanish

Órgano interno localizado dentro de una cavidad corporal.

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n. gland

Translation: glándula

Definition of gland in English

Organ which produces and secretes various substances needed for the body's proper functioning.

Definition of gland in Spanish

Órgano productor y secretor de diversas sustancias necesarias para el correcto funcionamiento del organismo.

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n. follicle

Translation: folículo

Definition of follicle in English

Saclike gland, typically located on the skin or mucous membranes, which contains secretory or excretory cells.

Definition of follicle in Spanish

Glándula con forma de saco, localizada en la piel o las mucosas principalmente, que contiene células secretoras o excretoras.

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n. vesicle

Translation: vesícula

Definition of vesicle in English

Membranous, saclike organ, which contains fluid.

Definition of vesicle in Spanish

Órgano membranoso u orgánulo, con forma de bolsa, que contiene un fluido corporal.