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Various Furniture

Various Furniture

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n. dressing table

Definition of dressing table in English

Piece of furniture that is designed as a place to apply makeup and style hair, comprised of a table with drawers and a central mirror, typically accompanied by a stool.

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n. jewelry box

Definition of jewelry box in English

Container that is designed to store jewellery in an orderly fashion.

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n. shoe rack

Definition of shoe rack in English

Piece of furniture designed to store shoes.

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n. clothes valet

Definition of clothes valet in English

Piece of bedroom furniture designed to hang clothes to wear the next day.

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n. hanger

Definition of hanger in English

Utensil on which to hang clothing, which consists of a horizontal support and a hook.

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n. tie rack

Definition of tie rack in English

Piece of furniture or system of hangers designed to hang ties and prevent wrinkling.

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n. folding screen

Definition of folding screen in English

Screen designed to separate spaces, comprised of vertical hinged panels.