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Types of Beds I

Types of Beds I
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noun bed

Translation: cama

Definition of bed in English

Piece of furniture that is designed for sleep or rest, consisting of a frame, a base, and a mattress.

Definition of bed in Spanish

Mueble diseñado para dormir o descansar, formado por una estructura, un somier y un colchón.

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noun single bed

Translation: cama individual

Definition of single bed in English

Bed for one person.

Definition of single bed in Spanish

Cama para una sola persona.

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noun double bed

Translation: cama de matrimonio

Definition of double bed in English

Bed for two people.

Definition of double bed in Spanish

Cama para dos personas.

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noun bunk bed

Translation: litera

Definition of bunk bed in English

Vertical structure comprised of several beds superimposed over one another with space between them to accomodate occupants.

Definition of bunk bed in Spanish

Estructura vertical constituida por varias camas superpuestas con espacio suficiente entre ellas para dormir.

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noun cot

Translation: catre

Definition of cot in English

Lightweight, single bed that is narrow and collapsible.

Definition of cot in Spanish

Cama individual ligera, estrecha y desmontable.

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noun wall bed

Translation: cama abatible

Definition of wall bed in English

Bed with a hinged frame that allows it to be stored in a wall or closet when placed in a vertical position.

Definition of wall bed in Spanish

Cama unida mediante un mecanismo a un espacio diseñado para guardarla al colocarla en posición vertical.

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noun futon

Translation: futón

Definition of futon in English

Thin mattress, foldable and traditional of Japan.

Definition of futon in Spanish

Colchón estrecho y plegable tradicional de Japón.