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Transport II

Transport II

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n. sea port

Definition of sea port in English

Coastal space in which boats dock to embark or disembark.

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n. airport

Definition of airport in English

Complex that has the facilities and services necessary for the takeoff and landing of aircrafts, and for the transit of passengers.

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n. airfield

Definition of airfield in English

Land that has aircraft tracks and facilities, typically smaller than an airport.

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n. heliport

Definition of heliport in English

Area designated for the take-off and landing of helicopters.

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n. hangar

Definition of hangar in English

Covered enclosure for the storage and protection of aircrafts.

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n. control tower

Definition of control tower in English

Tower located in airports, used to monitor and direct air traffic.

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n. lighthouse

Definition of lighthouse in English

Tower on the coast that is equipped with a powerful light to guide ships.

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n. boarding gate

Definition of boarding gate in English

Doorway in an airport through which the jetbridge is accessed to board a plane.

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n. cabin

Definition of cabin in English

Compartment of a vessel that is used as a sleeping area.

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n. breakwater

Definition of breakwater in English

Wall that is built into the sea to protect a coast or port from the waves.

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n. dock

Definition of dock in English

Structure on the shore of navigable waters that is used to moor, load, and unload boats.