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noun shopping

Translation: compras

Definition of shopping in English

Activity of buying items from shops.

Definition of shopping in Spanish

Actividad de adquirir bienes en tiendas.

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noun clothes

Translation: ropa

Definition of clothes in English

Set of garments worn to cover the body.

Definition of clothes in Spanish

Conjunto de prendas que se llevan sobre el cuerpo para cubrirlo.

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noun electrical appliance

Translation: electrodoméstico

Definition of electrical appliance in English

Machine that runs on electricity and is used mainly in the home.

Definition of electrical appliance in Spanish

Aparato eléctrico que se utiliza principalmente en el hogar.

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noun tool

Translation: herramienta

Definition of tool in English

Artificial object, usually metallic, that is used perform manual work associated with a trade.

Definition of tool in Spanish

Objeto artificial, generalmente metálico, para realizar trabajos manuales asociados a un oficio.

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noun toy

Translation: juguete

Definition of toy in English

Object designed to be handled by children for their amusement and learning.

Definition of toy in Spanish

Objeto diseñado para que los niños lo manipulen, aprendan y se entretengan.

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noun accessory

Translation: complemento

Definition of accessory in English

Object used to customise an outfit and express personality.

Definition of accessory in Spanish

Objeto que se usa para personalizar un conjunto de ropa.

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noun jewelry

Translation: joyas

Definition of jewelry in English

Personal adornment made of valuable materials.

Definition of jewelry in Spanish

Adornos fabricados con materiales valiosos.

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noun makeup

Translation: maquillaje

Definition of makeup in English

Cosmetic product that is applied to a part of the body, typically the face, to modify its appearance.

Definition of makeup in Spanish

Producto cosmético que se aplica sobre una parte del cuerpo, generalmente el rostro, para modificar su aspecto.