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Shoes I

Shoes I

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n. high heel

Definition of high heel in English

Women´s shoe, whose sole is significantly elevated at the heel, placing the wearer´s weight on the balls of the feet.

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n. platform

Definition of platform in English

Shoe with a sole that is considerably thicker and higher than others of the same type.

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n. wedge

Definition of wedge in English

Women´s shoe with a sole whose thickness gradually increases towards the heel, raising it higher than the toes.

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n. sandal

Definition of sandal in English

Open shoe that is attached to the foot by straps.

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n. ankle boot

Definition of ankle boot in English

Footwear that fully covers the foot and ankle.

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n. ballet flat

Definition of ballet flat in English

Women's shoe that is flat, lightweight, and leaves the top of the foot exposed.

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n. avarca

Definition of avarca in English

Flat leather sandal that partially covers the instep and has a heel strap.