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Projectile Weapons

Projectile Weapons

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n. crossbow

Definition of crossbow in English

Projectile weapon that is used to shoot bolts, comprised of a bow mounted horizontally on a frame that mechanically tenses and releases the bowstring.

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n. bow

Definition of bow in English

Projectile weapon that is used to shoot arrows, comprised of a flexible arc bent into a curve by a taut string.

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n. sling

Definition of sling in English

Projectile weapon consisting of a short strap with long strings tied at either end, used to throw projectiles by swinging it with force and releasing one of the strings.

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n. slingshot

Definition of slingshot in English

Y-shaped projectile weapon, at whose ends an elastic band is tied and pulled in order to shoot small objects, such as stones.

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n. blowgun

Definition of blowgun in English

Projectile weapon in the shape of a narrow tube with which small projectiles, such as darts, are shot from one end by breathing forcefully through the other.

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n. dart

Definition of dart in English

Small projectile with a sharpened point or magnet at one end and a flight stabiliser at the other, typically launched by hand or with a blowpipe.

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n. arrow

Definition of arrow in English

Projectile weapon that is larger than a dart, with a sharpened point at one end and a flight stabiliser at the other, usually shot from a bow.

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n. bolt

Definition of bolt in English

Arrow, typically short, that is shot from a crossbow.

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n. quiver

Definition of quiver in English

Portable container that is used to hold and carry arrows.