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People in the Neighbourhood III

People in the Neighbourhood III
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noun hairdresser

Translation: peluquero

Definition of hairdresser in English

Person whose occupation is to cut and style hair.

Definition of hairdresser in Spanish

Persona que se dedica a cortar y dar estilo al cabello.

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noun barber

Translation: barbero

Definition of barber in English

Person who cuts, styles and shaves both hair and facial hair, usually for men.

Definition of barber in Spanish

Persona que corta, arregla y afeita el vello facial y corporal, normalmente a hombres.

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noun teacher

Translation: profesor

Definition of teacher in English

Person whose occupation is to teach.

Definition of teacher in Spanish

Persona que se dedica a enseñar.

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noun librarian

Translation: bibliotecario

Definition of librarian in English

Person who organises and maintains a library.

Definition of librarian in Spanish

Persona que organiza y se encarga del mantenimiento de una biblioteca.

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noun bookseller

Translation: librero

Definition of bookseller in English

Person who sells books.

Definition of bookseller in Spanish

Persona que vende libros.

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noun mechanic

Translation: mecánico

Definition of mechanic in English

Person who fixes and maintains cars and other machinery.

Definition of mechanic in Spanish

Persona que se encarga de la reparación y el mantenimiento de coches y otra maquinaria.

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noun florist

Translation: florista

Definition of florist in English

Person who arranges and sells flowers.

Definition of florist in Spanish

Persona que hace y vende arreglos florales.