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People in Music I

People in Music I

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n. musician

Definition of musician in English

Person who composes, conducts or performs music.

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n. composer

Definition of composer in English

Person who combines musical notes in an artistic way in order to create a piece of music.

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n. performer

Definition of performer in English

Person who brings a piece of music to life by performing it before an audience.

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n. conductor

Definition of conductor in English

Person who directs an orchestra or choir during the performance of a piece of music, using either their hands or a baton.

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n. orchestra

Definition of orchestra in English

Set of musicians grouped by families of instruments that, under the instruction of a composer, play musical works in concerts or shows.

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n. choir

Definition of choir in English

Group of people who sing a piece of music together at specific performances, such as an opera, a musical or in church.

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n. soloist

Definition of soloist in English

Person who individually performs a piece of music.

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n. rapper

Definition of rapper in English

Person who performs rap.