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People in Fine Arts I

People in Fine Arts I
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noun artist

Translation: artista

Definition of artist in English

Person who creates artistic work in one or more disciplines.

Definition of artist in Spanish

Persona que crea obras artísticas en una o varias disciplinas.

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noun Muse

Translation: musa

Definition of Muse in English

Each of the nine, inspirational goddesses that preside over the arts and sciences in Greek mythology.

Definition of Muse in Spanish

Cada una de las nueve diosas inspiradoras que protegían las artes y las ciencias en la mitología griega.

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noun architect

Translation: arquitecto

Definition of architect in English

Person who designs buildings and often supervises their construction, or who is trained to do so.

Definition of architect in Spanish

Persona que se dedica a diseñar edificaciones y, a menudo, a supervisar su construcción, o que está capacitada para ello.

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noun sculptor

Translation: escultor

Definition of sculptor in English

Person who creates sculptures.

Definition of sculptor in Spanish

Persona que crea esculturas.

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noun painter

Translation: pintor

Definition of painter in English

Person who paints pictures.

Definition of painter in Spanish

Persona que pinta cuadros.

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noun dancer

Translation: bailarín

Definition of dancer in English

Person who dances.

Definition of dancer in Spanish

Persona que baila.

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noun musician

Translation: músico

Definition of musician in English

Person who composes, conducts or performs music.

Definition of musician in Spanish

Persona que compone música, dirige una agrupación o toca algún instrumento.

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noun poet

Translation: poeta

Definition of poet in English

Person who writes poetry.

Definition of poet in Spanish

Persona que escribe poesía.