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Parts of the House

Parts of the House
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noun balcony

Translation: balcón

Definition of balcony in English

Small, raised platform on a building facade, which is accessible from indoors and typically protected by a handrail.

Definition of balcony in Spanish

Estructura horizontal de la fachada de un edificio, por encima del nivel del suelo, de pequeño tamaño, accesible desde el interior y generalmente protegida por una barandilla.

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noun terrace

Translation: terraza

Definition of terrace in English

Raised platform that adjoins a building, of larger size than a balcony and typically protected by a wall.

Definition of terrace in Spanish

Estructura exterior horizontal de un edificio, por encima del nivel del suelo, de mayor tamaño que un balcón y generalmente protegida por un muro.

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noun window

Translation: ventana

Definition of window in English

Opening in a structure that provides light, ventilation, or views to the outside, and is not designed to provide access to a space.

Definition of window in Spanish

Abertura de una estructura que proporciona luz, ventilación o vistas al exterior, y no está diseñada para entrar o salir de un espacio.

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noun door

Translation: puerta

Definition of door in English

Structure that opens or closes, regulating access to a space.

Definition of door in Spanish

Estructura diseñada para cerrar y abrir el acceso a un espacio.

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noun stairs

Translation: escaleras

Definition of stairs in English

Structure designed for going up and going down it, formed by a series of steps leading from one floor to another.

Definition of stairs in Spanish

Estructura diseñada para subir o bajar por ella, formada por una sucesión de elementos de apoyo para los pies colocada entre diferentes alturas.

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noun yard

Translation: jardín

Definition of yard in English

Delimited, outdoor space with plants that adjoins a building.

Definition of yard in Spanish

Espacio exterior con plantas, anexo a un edificio y delimitado.

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noun garage

Translation: garaje

Definition of garage in English

Covered enclosure that is used to park and protect cars.

Definition of garage in Spanish

Recinto cubierto utilizado para estacionar y resguardar automóviles.