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Parts of an Establishment

Partes de un establecimiento

Partes de un establecimiento
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n. entrance

Translation: entrada

Definition of entrance in English

Point through which one passes to reach the interior of a place.

Definition of entrance in Spanish

Punto por el que se pasa al interior de un lugar.

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n. exit

Translation: salida

Definition of exit in English

Point through which one passes to reach the exterior of a place.

Definition of exit in Spanish

Punto por el que se pasa al exterior de un lugar.

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n. restroom

Translation: servicio

Definition of restroom in English

Room in a public place that has the necessary sanitary facilities for people to wash and relieve themselves.

Definition of restroom in Spanish

Sala de un espacio público con las instalaciones sanitarias necesarias para asearse y evacuar.

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n. display window

Translation: escaparate

Definition of display window in English

Front part of a shop in which goods are displayed behind a glass window.

Definition of display window in Spanish

Espacio frontal acristalado de una tienda donde se exhiben productos.

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n. mannequin

Translation: maniquí

Definition of mannequin in English

Figure in the form of a human that is principally used to fit and exhibit garments.

Definition of mannequin in Spanish

Figura con forma humana que se utiliza principalmente para probar y exhibir prendas de ropa.

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n. hanger

Translation: percha

Definition of hanger in English

Utensil on which to hang clothing, which consists of a horizontal support and a hook.

Definition of hanger in Spanish

Utensilio que consiste en un soporte horizontal individual provisto de un gancho, diseñado para colgar ropa.

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n. coat rack

Translation: perchero

Definition of coat rack in English

Piece of furniture with several hooks designed to hang outerware.

Definition of coat rack in Spanish

Mueble auxiliar provisto de varios colgadores diseñados para la ropa de abrigo.

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n. label

Translation: etiqueta

Definition of label in English

Piece of paper, card, or similar material that is attached to an object to provide information about it.

Definition of label in Spanish

Tira de papel, cartulina u otro material similar que se coloca en un objeto para proporcionar información sobre él.

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n. cash register

Translation: caja registradora

Definition of cash register in English

Machine in which sales are recorded, transactions are calculated, and money is stored in an establishment.

Definition of cash register in Spanish

Máquina en la que quedan registradas las ventas, se calculan las transacciones y se guarda el dinero de un establecimiento.

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n. desk

Translation: mostrador

Definition of desk in English

Large table where clients or patients are received and served at the entrance of certain establishments.

Definition of desk in Spanish

Mesa grande en la que se recibe y atiende a clientes o pacientes a la entrada de ciertos establecimientos o centros.