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Missiles and Projectiles II

Missiles and Projectiles II
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noun shell

Translation: obús

Definition of shell in English

Cylindrical projectile with a cone-shaped tip that contains an explosive and is shot from an artillery piece.

Definition of shell in Spanish

Proyectil cilíndrico de punta cónica que contiene una carga explosiva y se dispara con una pieza de artillería.

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noun torpedo

Translation: torpedo

Definition of torpedo in English

Underwater missile that is fired from a submarine with the intent to attack large ships and other watercraft.

Definition of torpedo in Spanish

Misil diseñado para desplazarse por debajo del agua, que se dispara desde un submarino con el objetivo de atacar grandes naves.

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noun missile

Translation: misil

Definition of missile in English

Rocket that is designed to explode at a target and can be controlled remotely.

Definition of missile in Spanish

Cohete que contiene una carga explosiva y se dirige por control remoto.

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noun cruise missile

Translation: misil de crucero

Definition of cruise missile in English

Self-guided, highly precise missile with horizontal wings that is able to cover large distances at low altitudes.

Definition of cruise missile in Spanish

Misil autoguiado de enorme precisión provisto de alas horizontales, que recorre grandes distancias a una altura baja.

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noun ballistic missile

Translation: misil balístico

Definition of ballistic missile in English

Missile that has the ability to cover large distances at high altitude by propelling itself until all of its fuel has been used, after which it uses the pull of gravity to lead to its target.

Definition of ballistic missile in Spanish

Misil autopropulsado hasta agotar su combustible, tras lo cual desciende paulatinamente con la atracción gravitatoria, recorriendo grandes distancias a una altura muy elevada.

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noun rocket

Translation: cohete

Definition of rocket in English

Self-propelled explosive device, such as a missile or aircraft, of which the machinery is powered by a reactor that releases combustible gases at great speeds.

Definition of rocket in Spanish

Artefacto autopropulsado, como un misil o una aeronave, provisto de un reactor que libera gases de combustión a gran velocidad para impulsar la maquinaria.

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noun warhead

Translation: ojiva

Definition of warhead in English

Cone-shaped forward section of a missile, rocket or torpedo in which the payload is placed.

Definition of warhead in Spanish

Extremo superior cónico de un misil, cohete o torpedo, en cuyo interior se coloca la carga explosiva.

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noun nuclear warhead

Translation: ojiva nuclear

Definition of nuclear warhead in English

Long-range ballistic missile warhead armed with plutonium or uranium.

Definition of nuclear warhead in Spanish

Ojiva cargada de plutonio o uranio que forma parte de misiles balísticos de largo alcance.