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Medical Places II

Medical Places II

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n. room

Definition of room in English

Subdivision of building in which to sleep, provided temporarily as part of a service.

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n. ICU

Definition of ICU in English

Department of a medical center in which critically ill or injured patients are treated.

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n. operating room

Definition of operating room in English

Room that is equipped for the performance of surgical procedures.

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n. infirmary

Definition of infirmary in English

Space intended for the initial assessment and treatment of the sick or injured, and other basic healthcare procedures.

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n. examination room

Definition of examination room in English

Space in which a medical professional attends to patients.

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n. waiting room

Definition of waiting room in English

Space, typically enclosed, in which patients stay while waiting for their appointments.

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n. laboratory

Definition of laboratory in English

Facility in which scientific research is carried out, and chemicals, pharmaceuticals, or similar products are manufactured.

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n. morgue

Definition of morgue in English

Building or room in which cadavers are conserved until their burial or cremation.