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Home Furniture II

Mobiliario hogar II

Mobiliario hogar II
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n. table

Translation: mesa

Definition of table in English

Piece of furniture comprised of a horizontal, flat surface that is supported by one or more legs.

Definition of table in Spanish

Mueble formado por una superficie horizontal y recta sostenida por uno o más apoyos.

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n. brazier table

Translation: mesa camilla

Definition of brazier table in English

Table with a long tablecloth, beneath which a brazier is placed in order to provide heat.

Definition of brazier table in Spanish

Mesa con faldillas, bajo la que se pone un brasero para calentarse.

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n. brazier

Translation: brasero

Definition of brazier in English

Container that holds embers, which is used to provide heat.

Definition of brazier in Spanish

Recipiente con ascuas para calentarse.

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n. desk

Translation: escritorio

Definition of desk in English

Table designed as a work surface on which to write.

Definition of desk in Spanish

Mesa diseñada para escribir.

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n. writing desk

Translation: buró

Definition of writing desk in English

Desk with upper compartments or drawers and a folding cover.

Definition of writing desk in Spanish

Escritorio con casillas o cajones en su parte superior, y una cubierta abatible a modo de cierre.

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n. computer desk

Translation: mesa de ordenador

Definition of computer desk in English

Desk that has compartments to house a computer and its auxiliary equipment.

Definition of computer desk in Spanish

Mesa con los compartimentos adecuados para disponer un ordenador y todos sus periféricos.

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n. bedside table

Translation: mesilla

Definition of bedside table in English

Small piece of furniture that is placed next to a bed and typically has drawers.

Definition of bedside table in Spanish

Mueble pequeño junto a la cama, generalmente con cajones.

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n. shelf

Translation: estante

Definition of shelf in English

Flat, horizontal surface that is fixed to a wall or piece of furniture, on which to display or store objects.

Definition of shelf in Spanish

Pieza plana y horizontal para colocar cosas, sujeta a una superficie vertical.

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n. bookcase

Translation: estantería

Definition of bookcase in English

Piece of furniture on which to place books and other items, comprised of stacked, horizontal surfaces and their vertical supports.

Definition of bookcase in Spanish

Mueble para colocar libros y otros objetos, formado por estantes y sus soportes verticales.