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Habitats and Animal Places I

Hábitats y lugares de animales I

Hábitats y lugares de animales I
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n. mangrove

Translation: manglar

Definition of mangrove in English

Tropical biome formed by trees or low bushes that grow near or in brackish waters in estuaries and bays, amongst others.

Definition of mangrove in Spanish

Bioma tropical formado por árboles o arbustos bajos que crecen cerca o dentro de aguas salobres de estuarios y bahías, entre otros.

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n. marsh

Translation: marisma

Definition of marsh in English

Low-lying marshland that is covered in seawater.

Definition of marsh in Spanish

Terreno pantanoso de poca altitud cubierto de agua marina.

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n. swamp

Translation: pantano

Definition of swamp in English

Area of wetland with stagnant waters and abundant vegetation.

Definition of swamp in Spanish

Extensión de tierra húmeda, aguas estancadas y, generalmente, abundante vegetación.

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n. river

Translation: río

Definition of river in English

Course of freshwater that flows into another watercourse, lake or sea.

Definition of river in Spanish

Curso de agua dulce que fluye hasta desembocar en otro, en un lago o en el mar.

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n. lake

Translation: lago

Definition of lake in English

Large, natural water reservoir in a depression of the earth, filled with rain, river or subsoil water.

Definition of lake in Spanish

Depósito natural de agua de grandes proporciones situado en una depresión del terreno y que almacena aguas pluviales, fluviales o del subsuelo.

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n. sea

Translation: mar

Definition of sea in English

Body of saltwater that is smaller and shallower than an ocean, totally or partially surrounded by land.

Definition of sea in Spanish

Masa de agua salada menor en tamaño y profundidad que un océano, total o parcialmente rodeada de tierra.

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n. ocean

Translation: océano

Definition of ocean in English

Each of the five bodies of salt water on Earth of the greatest area and depth, located between continents.

Definition of ocean in Spanish

Cada una de las cinco masas de agua salada de mayor extensión y profundidad de la Tierra, situadas entre continentes.