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Habitats and Animal Places I

Habitats and Animal Places I

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n. mangrove

Definition of mangrove in English

Tropical biome formed by trees or low bushes that grow near or in brackish waters in estuaries and bays, amongst others.

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n. marsh

Definition of marsh in English

Low-lying marshland that is covered in seawater.

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n. swamp

Definition of swamp in English

Area of wetland with stagnant waters and abundant vegetation.

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n. river

Definition of river in English

Course of freshwater that flows into another watercourse, lake or sea.

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n. lake

Definition of lake in English

Large, natural water reservoir in a depression of the earth, filled with rain, river or subsoil water.

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n. sea

Definition of sea in English

Body of saltwater that is smaller and shallower than an ocean, totally or partially surrounded by land.

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n. ocean

Definition of ocean in English

Each of the five bodies of salt water on Earth of the greatest area and depth, located between continents.