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European Capital Cities VI

Capitales europeas VI

Capitales europeas VI
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n. Budapest

Translation: Budapest

Definition of Budapest in English

Capital of Hungary.

Definition of Budapest in Spanish

Capital de Hungría.

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n. Bucharest

Translation: Bucarest

Definition of Bucharest in English

Capital of Romania.

Definition of Bucharest in Spanish

Capital de Rumanía.

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n. Belgrade

Translation: Belgrado

Definition of Belgrade in English

Capital of Serbia.

Definition of Belgrade in Spanish

Capital de Serbia.

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n. Sofia

Translation: Sofía

Definition of Sofia in English

Capital of Bulgaria.

Definition of Sofia in Spanish

Capital de Bulgaria.

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n. Podgorica

Translation: Podgorica

Definition of Podgorica in English

Capital of Montenegro.

Definition of Podgorica in Spanish

Capital de Montenegro.

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n. Tirana

Translation: Tirana

Definition of Tirana in English

Capital of Albania.

Definition of Tirana in Spanish

Capital de Albania.

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n. Skopje

Translation: Skopie

Definition of Skopje in English

Capital of North Macedonia.

Definition of Skopje in Spanish

Capital de Macedonia del Norte.

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n. Athens

Translation: Atenas

Definition of Athens in English

Capital of Greece.

Definition of Athens in Spanish

Capital de Grecia.