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Elements of a Shop

Elements of a Shop

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n. store window

Definition of store window in English

Front part of a shop in which goods are displayed behind a glass window.

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n. entrance

Definition of entrance in English

Point through which one passes to reach the interior of a place.

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n. exit

Definition of exit in English

Point through which one passes to reach the exterior of a place.

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n. aisle

Definition of aisle in English

Elongated passage in a store at whose sides merchandise is displayed.

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n. fitting room

Definition of fitting room in English

Area of a clothing shop in which customers try on garments before purchasing them.

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n. stockroom

Definition of stockroom in English

Room of a shop where merchandise is stored.

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n. cash register

Definition of cash register in English

Place in an establishment where clients pay for a good or service.

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n. mirror

Definition of mirror in English

Sheet of polished glass with a metallic backing, which reflects its frontal surroundings.