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Elements of a Building IV

Elements of a Building IV
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noun window

Translation: ventana

Definition of window in English

Opening in a structure that provides light, ventilation, or views to the outside, and is not designed to provide access to a space.

Definition of window in Spanish

Abertura de una estructura que proporciona luz, ventilación o vistas al exterior, y no está diseñada para entrar o salir de un espacio.

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noun window blind

Translation: persiana

Definition of window blind in English

Folding window cover formed by a series of slats of plastic, metal or wood, which blocks sunlight and provides privacy.

Definition of window blind in Spanish

Cubierta plegable formada por una serie de láminas de plástico, metal o madera que se coloca en ventanas para evitar que entre la luz del sol o para proporcionar privacidad.

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noun windowsill

Translation: alféizar

Definition of windowsill in English

Flat and horizontal surface on the external, lower part of a window.

Definition of windowsill in Spanish

Superficie plana y horizontal de la parte inferior externa del vano de una ventana.

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noun step

Translation: escalón

Definition of step in English

Element that, together with others of the same type, constitutes a flight of stairs, formed by a vertical surface and a horizontal one that meet at an approximately right angle.

Definition of step in Spanish

Elemento que, junto a otros del mismo tipo, constituye un tramo de escaleras, formado por una superficie vertical y otra horizontal que se unen en un ángulo aproximadamente recto.

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noun stairs

Translation: escaleras

Definition of stairs in English

Structure designed for going up and going down it, formed by a series of steps leading from one floor to another.

Definition of stairs in Spanish

Estructura diseñada para subir o bajar por ella, formada por una sucesión de elementos de apoyo para los pies colocada entre diferentes alturas.

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noun banister

Translation: barandilla

Definition of banister in English

Structure that is placed along the side of a staircase to provide support and prevent falls.

Definition of banister in Spanish

Estructura que se coloca en los laterales de las escaleras para agarrarse o prevenir caídas.

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noun spiral staircase

Translation: escalera de caracol

Definition of spiral staircase in English

Staircase in the form of a helix, built around a central axis.

Definition of spiral staircase in Spanish

Escalera con forma de espiral construida en torno a un eje central.