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n. curtain

Translation: cortina

Definition of curtain in English

Piece of fabric that hangs over windows and doors to prevent outside light from entering, maintain privacy, or insulate.

Definition of curtain in Spanish

Pieza de tejido que se cuelga sobre ventanas y puertas para dificultar o impedir la entrada de la luz y mantener la intimidad o el aislamiento.

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n. rug

Translation: alfombra

Definition of rug in English

Decorated piece of fabric that is designed to partially cover the floor of a room for warmth and comfort.

Definition of rug in Spanish

Pieza de tejido decorado, diseñada para cubrir parcialmente el suelo de una estancia y hacerlo más cálido y acogedor.

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n. cushion

Translation: cojín

Definition of cushion in English

Cloth case that is filled with soft, fluffy material, designed to support part of the body.

Definition of cushion in Spanish

Saco de tela relleno con material mullido para apoyar una parte del cuerpo.

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n. lamp

Translation: lámpara

Definition of lamp in English

Utensil that is designed to contain and maintain an artificial light source.

Definition of lamp in Spanish

Utensilio diseñado para contener o sostener fuentes de luz artificial.

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n. vase

Translation: jarrón

Definition of vase in English

Vessel that is used to decorate a space.

Definition of vase in Spanish

Vasija que se utiliza para decorar un espacio.

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n. plant

Translation: planta

Definition of plant in English

Living organism that carries out photosynthesis and typically has a stem, roots, and leaves, or similar structures.

Definition of plant in Spanish

Organismo vivo que realiza la fotosíntesis y, generalmente, presenta raíz, tallo y hojas, o estructuras semejantes.

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n. painting

Translation: cuadro

Definition of painting in English

Pictorial art work of paint rendered on a frameable surface.

Definition of painting in Spanish

Obra de arte pictórico representada sobre un soporte enmarcable.

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n. clock

Translation: reloj

Definition of clock in English

Device that is designed to measure and show the time, typically hung on a wall or placed on a surface.

Definition of clock in Spanish

Aparato diseñado para medir y mostrar la hora, que generalmente se cuelga en la pared o se coloca sobre una superficie.