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Capital Cities of Oceania II

Capitales de Oceanía II

Capitales de Oceanía II
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n. Yaren

Translation: Yaren

Definition of Yaren in English

Capital of Nauru.

Definition of Yaren in Spanish

Capital de Nauru.

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n. South Tarawa

Translation: Tarawa Sur

Definition of South Tarawa in English

Capital of Kiribati.

Definition of South Tarawa in Spanish

Capital de Kiribati.

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n. Funafuti

Translation: Funafuti

Definition of Funafuti in English

Capital of Tuvalu.

Definition of Funafuti in Spanish

Capital de Tuvalu.

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n. Port Vila

Translation: Port Vila

Definition of Port Vila in English

Capital of Vanuatu.

Definition of Port Vila in Spanish

Capital de Vanuatu.

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n. Suva

Translation: Suva

Definition of Suva in English

Capital of Fiji.

Definition of Suva in Spanish

Capital de Fiyi.

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n. Nuku'alofa

Translation: Nukualofa

Definition of Nuku'alofa in English

Capital of Tonga.

Definition of Nuku'alofa in Spanish

Capital de Tonga.

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n. Apia

Translation: Apia

Definition of Apia in English

Capital of Samoa.

Definition of Apia in Spanish

Capital de Samoa.