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Biomes and Natural Environments II

Biomas y medios naturales II

Biomas y medios naturales II
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n. reef

Translation: arrecife

Definition of reef in English

Marine mass of sand, rock, or coral, located at or near the surface of the water.

Definition of reef in Spanish

Masa marina de arena, roca o pólipos, situada muy cerca de la superficie.

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n. sea

Translation: mar

Definition of sea in English

Body of saltwater that is smaller and shallower than an ocean, totally or partially surrounded by land.

Definition of sea in Spanish

Masa de agua salada menor en tamaño y profundidad que un océano, total o parcialmente rodeada de tierra.

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n. ocean

Translation: océano

Definition of ocean in English

Each of the five bodies of salt water on Earth of the greatest area and depth, located between continents.

Definition of ocean in Spanish

Cada una de las cinco masas de agua salada de mayor extensión y profundidad de la Tierra, situadas entre continentes.

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n. wood

Translation: bosque

Definition of wood in English

Area of land that is covered by trees or other woody vegetation.

Definition of wood in Spanish

Extensión no muy amplia de tierra cubierta por árboles u otras plantas leñosas.

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n. forest

Translation: bosque

Definition of forest in English

Vast extension of land that is populated with trees and other woody plants.

Definition of forest in Spanish

Extensión amplia de tierra densamente poblada por árboles y otras plantas.

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n. savanna

Translation: sabana

Definition of savanna in English

Extensive plain populated by herbaceous plants, with some isolated trees and shrubs.

Definition of savanna in Spanish

Llanura extensa poblada por plantas herbáceas, con algunos árboles y arbustos aislados.

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n. steppe

Translation: estepa

Definition of steppe in English

Extensive plain dotted with herbaceous plants, typical of extreme climates with scarce rainfall.

Definition of steppe in Spanish

Llanura extensa salpicada de plantas herbáceas, propia de climas extremos con precipitaciones escasas.

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n. grassland

Translation: pradera

Definition of grassland in English

Biome typical of temperate climates that is located in vast plains and populated with herbaceous vegetation.

Definition of grassland in Spanish

Llanura extensa densamente poblada por plantas herbáceas, propia de climas templados.