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Bathroom Elements V

Bathroom Elements V

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n. towel rack

Definition of towel rack in English

Support on which to hang towels in the bathroom.

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n. hanger

Definition of hanger in English

Utensil on which to hang clothing, which consists of a horizontal support and a hook.

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n. bath mat

Definition of bath mat in English

Small carpet that is typically made of absorbent material, which is placed next to a bath or shower.

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n. wastebasket

Definition of wastebasket in English

Small container in which to dispose of useless paper and other waste.

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n. toothbrush holder

Definition of toothbrush holder in English

Receptacle in which to place a toothbrush and toothpaste when not in use, typically next to the bathroom sink.

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n. scale

Definition of scale in English

Device that is used to measure weight.

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n. laundry basket

Definition of laundry basket in English

Receptacle in which soiled clothes or textiles are placed before washing.

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n. chamber pot

Definition of chamber pot in English