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(N) Stomach Symptoms

(N) Stomach Symptoms

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n. nausea

Definition of nausea in English

Sensation of the need to vomit.

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n. bad breath

Definition of bad breath in English

Unpleasant odor of exhaled air.

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n. heartburn

Definition of heartburn in English

Burning sensation in the upper abdomen and chest that is caused by the regurgitation of acidic stomach contents.

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n. reflux

Definition of reflux in English

Ascent of acidic stomach contents to the oesophagus.

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n. undernutrition

Definition of undernutrition in English

Lack of nutrients in an organism.

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n. constipation

Definition of constipation in English

Condition of the digestive system that consists of difficulty in voiding the bowels.

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n. urge

Definition of urge in English

Sudden need to defecate.

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n. cramp

Definition of cramp in English

Intense and sudden lower abdominal pain that signals the need to defecate.

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n. flatulence

Definition of flatulence in English

Accumulation of expanding, low density fluid in the digestive tract.

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n. diarrhea

Definition of diarrhea in English

Liquid excrement that is caused by intestinal disorder.