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(N) Parts of a Tooth

(N) Parts of a Tooth
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noun tooth

Translation: diente

Definition of tooth in English

Hard, visible bone, located inside the mouth of many vertebrate species, which is used in mastication and defense.

Definition of tooth in Spanish

Pieza ósea dura y visible localizada en la boca de múltiples vertebrados, cuyas funciones son la masticación y la defensa.

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noun crown

Translation: corona

Definition of crown in English

Visible and enameled part of the tooth, whose shape determines the function of the tooth.

Definition of crown in Spanish

Parte visible y esmaltada del diente, cuyo relieve determina la función del diente.

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noun enamel

Translation: esmalte

Definition of enamel in English

Layer that covers the crown of the tooth and protects it from external forces, comprised of hard, mineralised tissue.

Definition of enamel in Spanish

Capa que recubre la corona del diente y lo protege de agresiones externas, formada por un tejido mineralizado de alta dureza.

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noun root

Translation: raíz

Definition of root in English

Part of the tooth that fits into the socket to fix it to the mandible bone or the maxilla bone.

Definition of root in Spanish

Parte del diente que se inserta en un alvéolo para fijarlo al maxilar superior o inferior.

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noun dentin

Translation: dentina

Definition of dentin in English

Dental layer composed of a soft, yellowish substance, located beneath the enamel and cementum.

Definition of dentin in Spanish

Capa dental compuesta por una sustancia flexible y amarillenta similar al marfil, localizada bajo el esmalte y el cemento dental.

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noun dental pulp

Translation: pulpa dental

Definition of dental pulp in English

Innermost layer of the tooth, composed of soft, vascularized and innervated tissue.

Definition of dental pulp in Spanish

Tejido blando, vascularizado e inervado localizado en el interior del diente, bajo la dentina.

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noun cementum

Translation: cemento

Definition of cementum in English

Mineralized tissue that covers the root of the tooth and attaches it to the alveolar bone.

Definition of cementum in Spanish

Tejido mineralizado que cubre la raíz del diente y lo adhiere al hueso alveolar.

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noun dental alveolus

Translation: alvéolo dentario

Definition of dental alveolus in English

Cavity located in the maxilla or mandible bone, which houses the dental root.

Definition of dental alveolus in Spanish

Cavidad localizada en el maxilar o en la mandíbula, que aloja la raíz dentaria.