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(N) Human-Plant Actions II

(N) Human-Plant Actions II

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n. fumigation

Definition of fumigation in English

Act of applying gaseous chemical products to plants or cultivated land in order to eliminate harmful organisms.

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n. mowing

Definition of mowing in English

Act of reducing the length of grass by slicing it with a specialised tool or machine.

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n. grafting

Definition of grafting in English

Act of joining a plant or segment of a plant with another plant of the same or similar species, so that they continue to grow together as a single organism.

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n. trimming

Definition of trimming in English

Act of cutting the leaves of a plant according to a specific design.

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n. pruning

Definition of pruning in English

Act of cutting and removing selected roots, buds or branches of a plant as part of its care.

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n. felling

Definition of felling in English

Act of severing the trunk of a tree at its base.

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n. deforestation

Definition of deforestation in English

Act or effect of eliminating the plants that populate a forest.

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n. reforestation

Definition of reforestation in English

Act or effect of repopulating a depleted forest with native vegetation.