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(Adj) Body Secretions II

(Adj) Body Secretions II

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adv. fecal

Definition of fecal in English

Of or relating to digestive waste that is expelled through the anus.

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adj. diarrheal

Definition of diarrheal in English

Sustaining a digestive system condition that consists of the production of liquid excrement.

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adj. menstrual

Definition of menstrual in English

Of or pertaining to menstruation.

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adj. blood

Definition of blood in English

Of or pertaining to blood.

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adj. seminal

Definition of seminal in English

Pertaining to the liquid that is composed of sperm and glandular secretions, produced in the male reproductive system.

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adj. urinary

Definition of urinary in English

Of or pertaining to the yellowish waste liquid that is stored in the bladder and expelled through the urethra.

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adj. bile

Definition of bile in English

Of or pertaining to the yellowish liquid that is secreted by the liver and aids in digestion.