Introducing WordList: The Mightiest Vocabulary Builder on Earth

Trying to learn a language but can’t seem to retain new words? Introducing WordList: The mightiest vocabulary builder, right in the palm of your hands.

In the shape of interactive, meticulously illustrated flashcards, we’ll help you retain a myriad of terms from mundane to technical. Jump into any of our carefully curated thematic areas and learn about any topic that interests you whenever you want, wherever you are.

What’s coming in our beta release?

Eight thematic categories
  • Animals
  • Nature
  • Botany
  • People
  • Objects & Things
  • Places
  • Time
  • Food
CEFR Levels A1 and A2

Although we’re all for free-range language learning, we know some folks prefer structure. While you can use our app to learn anything and everything, we offer you the option to keep track of how you’re doing in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. That being said, keep in mind that CEFR examinations test much more than just vocabulary, so don’t book your test right away just because you aced ours!

Language options for the UK, the US, Spain and Mexico

We know the saying “not all languages are created equal” doesn’t even begin to describe the complexities of dialect. For this reason, we’ve created language access points that take regionalities and colloquial preferences into consideration.

Choose exactly the kind of English or Spanish you want to learn. As we roll out new versions, more access points and languages will be added.

A gamified interface

Compete against yourself, your friends or total strangers by completing our different word lists. You’ll find an average of seven terms per list that you will be tested on in phases, both visual and aural.

Hits and misses grant you or subtract points from your total. Hit high numbers to earn a spot in our ranking and wave at the competition as you pass them by.

Thorough definitions

You can think of WordList as a hybrid between a video game, an illustrated dictionary, an encyclopedia and a language learning app. There’s really no limit to what you can learn with us.

Each of our sections has been rigorously researched and condensed to offer you the most effective definition. You’ll find more information than you were looking for, all still neatly tied into single-sentence nuggets.

Breathtaking illustrations

Without a doubt, WordList’s strong suit is its illustrations. They’re mesmerizing, colourful and most importantly: accurate. Anyone can draw an apple, but we’ve taken the time to depict abstract concepts like “Time,” “Yesterday,” “Greed,” etc.

Here are just some examples:


WordList App Language Learning Vocabulary Builder

At WordList, we make sure you’re always in complete control of the content you’re learning. With our app, we promise you’ll never run out of words.

Who’s ready to learn some languages?

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